DOCMS Membership


Seven reasons:

  1. Because medicine, being a profession, requires collegial support for its members.
  2. Because DOCMS educational programs broaden the medical knowledge of members.
  3. Because DOCMS promotes programs to better the health of the community.
  4. Because DOCMS affords an opportunity to influence legislation affecting medical care.
  5. Because DOCMS meetings provide a respite in an otherwise hectic and demanding schedule.
  6. Because DOCMS meetings foster professional contacts between doctors at Duke, UNC and those practicing in Durham and Chapel Hill.
  7. Because DOCMS meetings promote meaningful associations with medical students at Duke and UNC.

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Are You a Resident or Fellow? Take Advantage of This Free Membership Offer!

Here’s something really valuable that we now offer to all residents and fellows at Duke and UNC for FREE.

The Durham-Orange County Medical Society (DOCMS) and the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) offer dues-exempt enrollment for residents and fellows who enroll as part of an accredited residency training program. As the state’s leading physician organization, we are dedicated to empowering physicians to define and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Residents Need Financial Help
I know from personal experience the stressors such as heavy workloads, long work hours, and a lack of time that face physicians in training. The DOCMS and NCMS provide a solid package of benefits, services, and support, as well as FREE membership to resident groups. Research indicates significant changes in physicians’ participation in organized medicine over the past several years, and we want to raise awareness of efforts regarding the following issues relevant to residents:

  • Medical student debt relief
  • Online physician profiling (especially for new doctors)
  • Post-training placement

Exclusive Resident / Fellow Member Benefits

  • FREE online subscription to the NCMS Bulletin and North Carolina Medical Journal
  • Networking opportunities such as the DOCMS monthly membership meetings and the DOCMS Women in Medicine Physician Section, and Social events for young physicians and their families
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Legislative Days for residents to learn to advocate for their patients and their profession

FREE Group Enrollment Details
Under this group program, complimentary membership is provided to program participants. To enroll, you or your group administrator can complete and return the enlistment form, e-mail, or call the NCMS Member Services Department at (800) 722-1350.

The link to the Resident's Program Enrollment form and Instructions is listed below: Resident Enrollment Instructions and Form

For information on individual resident memberships, please visit or

Dana L. Chambers, M.D.
Chair, Communications & Membership Committee

Questions? Contact Member Services, (919) 833-3836 or