DOCMS Women's Section

Women's Section Information

Why does the Medical Society need a women’s section? The number of men and women graduating from medical schools is at parity, however, the number of women who choose to participate in organized medical groups, falls below the expected percentage. Some of the goals of the Women’s Section of the DOCMS include:

  • encouraging women physicians to join the county and state medical societies
  • nurturing leadership skills and encouraging an active role in the medical society
  • providing a forum to share information, ideas and stimulate self improvement
  • function as a catalyst for social camaraderie and the building of friendships

The Mecklenberg County Medical Society has a thriving Women Physician’s Section, as does the Virginia Medical Society. These groups serve not only the specific needs of women physicians, but also expand the talent base of the medical society as a whole and empower the entire medical community. The purpose is not to split the society in any way, but rather to build together a medical society that is better able to serve the membership and the community.

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